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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Dear Daniel, You are going to hell. . ."

You may need to watch this in YouTube (the text is a little small embedded in my blog) - Please feel free to leave a comment. How would you respond if this showed up in your inbox?  (Note this is not the full message - and the parts in "red" are the statements that really stunned me. . . how would you respond?  Mind you, this person is not a bad person, just surprised this is how he thinks. . . guess we are all entitled to our own thoughts. . . maybe some are best left internal. . .?


  1. Dear ESL,

    Thanks for the kind thoughts, and your English is quite solid!

    Each person's relationship with god (if they choose to believe in invisible people living in the sky), and announcing it in such a public way is incredibly cheapening.

    As such, an evangelistic request of this nature is incredibly tacky. Adding on the threat of an imaginary 'bad place' unless such low brow preaching is done, along with the psych 101 situation dropping, is offensive.

  2. I don't believe that Daniel's life style choice is something that he needs to repent to god for. People choose to smoke cigarets and that too can shorten your life, but no one says to them, that they will go to hell for not turning away from the cigarets. It is Daniel's great spirit and courage that will lead him to god's grace.

  3. .....(jaw-smacked-on-floor-deer-in-headlight-expression)... Mind you, I am a Christian, and I can NOT even believe that the author of that letter to you has the nerve to imply that he himself has more of a chance of entering into the Kingdon of heaven as his mouth spews out such HYPOCRISY and prejudice! 1st of all...ALL OF OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED...okay...none of us are immortal here (to my current knowledge). And "lifestyle choices" and "decisions"?? I hope he can, some day, also share his perfect reasoning & "gospel" to the children of St. Judes Hospital, and to devote, loving & honorable spouses inflicted by disease from marital infedility.

    EACH AND EVERYONE OF US HAVE A DIS-EASE OF SOME SORT from which to transcend ARE YOU KIDDING ME! WHETHER THAT DISEASE BE PHYSICAL OR MENTAL we ALL HAVE WORK TO DO! Like any of us were born GOLDEN GOODY TWO SHOES thanks to the Adam & the Eve. But JESUS teaches us that the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is within ALL of us. It has NOTHING to do with status or state of PHYSICAL being, it is in SPIRIT. It needs no permission for which to enter for it's doors are open to any of us through GRACE! Oh for when people find such GRACE will they FULLY understand the glory of God!

    You Daniel have a VERY powerful message/gift to share... for your positive nature, strength, and loving hearth teaches and reminds all of us that the PLACE OF HEAVEN resides beyond anything physical, and can be touch by any of us sinners for if only we just let Jesus' teachings show us the path to its glory.

    I do hope your wisdom can be a blessing to your friend so that his mind & spirit can be healed from the DISEASE of deception, and then he too may have a chance to enter into the kingdom of heaven.

  4. I remember him. He didn't strike me as a super religious fellow at the time, but hey, what do I know.

    I haven't spoken to you in years, so let me start out by saying hi. Hi!

    I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. I've known people who were hospitalized for long periods of time, and it sucks in every way.

    Before I start, I should also let you in on my social/political leanings. I'm not religious, I'm socially left of center, I support gay marriage, and I'm accepting of your lifestyle.

    My advice is to thank him for his guidance, tell him you have a different belief system, and move on.

    I have a close friend who is ultra religious, and he sounds a lot like DP (and as a side note, the author is not Dan Plunkett, so don't everybody start sending him undeserved hate mail). Before you bash DP for being an ignoramus, consider where he is coming from.

    He believes Jesus is everyone’s lord and savior. He believes the bible is the Word of God. He believes everyone who does not accept Jesus Christ into their life and live by the bible will go to hell. And he is your friend (or at least, he was many years ago). He is not writing this letter to knock you down. On the contrary, he is telling you because he loves you and he wants to save you. It's an oddly sweet thing he is trying to do. He thinks he is looking out for your well being, and he is hoping you will see the light too. There is a difference between what he doing, and people who just hate you for being gay. His letter didn't strike me that way. His tone was one of concern. He didn't use any anti-gay epithets. He just wanted you to know there is a path to salvation, and he hopes you will choose it.

    Now you can argue all day long about how that these religious beliefs may be misguided, bigoted, close minded, etc, but you will just be beating your head against the wall. You can't change his mind. He has a whole religion on his side with a clever little circular logic system that always brings you back to the same place. So rather than waste a lot of time and energy trying, just thank him for his advice and move on.

    Again, I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. Good work with the blog, and keep us posted on upcoming shows. One of these days I'll bring the kids down to check it out.

  5. AIDS is not always a result of a lifestyle. I get a kick out of people who "live the American Dream" and want to be excused for their upcoming ignorance because English is there second language - it should be their first.
    Repent? Repent what? Repent who you are and your happiness? You don't have to go to church to be religious or believe in a higher power - that comes from within. Killers go to church. That does not make them good people.
    This person - I am assuming - did not understand the interpretation of his message to you. Some people are so into religion they can't see past themselves. I don't mean that in a bad way - I just think that SOME people who are really deep into religion think that their life is the life to follow. I worked with this girl from Russia who acted like that and it just was not pleasurable by anyone.
    Let it go. The people who surround you on a daily basis are the people to take advise from, live life with, share with, and spend your time with.
    Good luck to you Daniel.

  6. I agree with Shawn. Very well said and solid advice.

  7. You're a bette person than I am Dan!! I would have told him where to shove himself & with what sharp painful instrument to use to do it! Im often told im to blunt & a smidge hot headed! (possibly) Reading your blogs have made me shocked at the things you have had to go thru, sad at how ignorant people still are in this world & then happy you have some pretty incredible people in your life that are all the family & suppoort you could need!! Your an incredible person! I'll be keeping up with your journey & cheering you on!!

  8. Well this is a human action Daniel.......son of man indeed i wonder how people think GOD s mentality is "if God finds out" so funny.... God is love Daniel you live,to tell ur the story, breath today because its his will.
    if u had already replied this email then please do me a favour and reply it again by sending who ever it is a reading about the book of job in the bible,...........i just read ur blog today am inspired for this message "never forget in which ever way they see you ,u are loved EVERY SAINT HAS A PAST AS WELL AS EVERY SINNER HAS A FUTURE ........we are ur future we love u so much n we will stand by u because a positive too i know what it means but never mind these are weak rocks .........what matters is what God thinks of u Daniel love


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