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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dignity for all man-kind as the clock strikes 2012.

Looking back on this year, I have made mistakes, I have struggled, I have fought and I have conquered.  Most of all, I am proud of myself for fighting to live. . . I am still standing tall with pride and I am truly proud of who I have become today.  I am proud of all the things I have accomplished and will accomplish. 

I am living with HIV but most of all I am living with dignity.

Before the clock strikes twenty-twelve . . . I wanted to share a closing message of hope and life with you. I hope you will listen . . . and share my message with others.

I would not have grown to be who I am today without the inspiration, support and dedication of many who work tirelessly in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  While I can’t list all those who have been there for me. . . below are some who I believe deserve some special recognition  - these are my top five 2011 warriors in the fight for dignity and love of all man-kind.

# 1: My Friends! Over the last year it is the unconditional love and support of friends that continue to allow me to feel safe. Through all the tough times, the exciting times . . . every minute of every hour of every day my circle of friends, personal and virtual have shown the most powerful, unconditional expressions and support of love. You all are a rare circle of trust and love that no matter the struggle, no matter the excitement when achieving something great – you are always there! You are all number one in my life and I want to thank you for helping me to stand tall as we close 2011 and I look forward to all of us growing together as the adventure of life continues in 2012.

#2: The Team at! This team of bloggers and writers truly get it! With an endless effort to bring readers incredible stories of inspiration and hope, I am addicted to getting my daily dose of hope from this online publication. If you are not tuned in or subscribed to the feeds . . . get in the know today to get your dose of hope and life!

#3: The Poz I Am Social Network and Blog Talk Radio! RobertBreining – founder of the Poz I Am Social Network truly has mastered the “social-environment” for people living with HIV/AIDS spot on! Anyone living with HIV/AIDS who needs a safe place that is built on support, truly inspiring virtual friends, blogs, messages of hope and more, then this place is for you. There is no other HIV social community that can top this one – so get on board today! If the social network was not enough, Robert Breining also hosts (with co-hosts Jeromy Dunn and Jack Mackenroth) a weekly Blog Talk Radio Show. . . I listen as often as I can, so I can 'hear' that I am not alone; so that I can ask questions and learn how others are fighting and living with HIV/AIDS.  If you have not tuned in already . . . TUNE IN! The show is every Sunday at 9 PM!

#4: Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC)! This non-profit organization is a hub of hope for all gay men living with HIV/AIDS. A safe-haven where anyone living in the New York City area who is dealing with a wide range of issues trying to fight his battle with HIV/AIDS can turn to for help, guidance, support and tools to win the fight of life. If you live in NYC and need help – turn to this organization. If you are looking for a place to donate before the clock strikes midnight (or even after) GMHC is the organization everyone should consider making a donation . . . their work is vital and saves lives.

#5: My Twitter Followers! While I am new to Twitter, I have never been more inspired by networking and following the thousands of inspiring tweets filled with hope, news and much more. All of my Twitter followers deserve a standing ovation for inspiring me, keeping me in the know and staying with me as I continue to share my story openly with the world. If you are on Twitter and have not connected with me, Follow me now . . . and connect with all of my followers who continue to do great, great things for all those living with HIV / AIDS.

So as 2011 comes to an end; remember another great year is upon us. Let’s all continue to do awesome things! Let’s work together – let’s join forces – let’s LOVE each other unconditionally! We will win this fight together!

I am Daniel and I am living pozitively. Thank you for following my blog! Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rock'n around the tree this holiday season. . .

I am sending you the most joyous wishes during this Holiday Season as you gather around the Christmas Tree or light the Hanukkah Menorah to spend time together with loved ones, family and friends. I am deeply grateful for all of your unconditional love and support as I continue to share my life so openly with the world.

While this Christmas I am once again without family, I certainly am far from alone as I am blessed to have such a new family full of love. I have the most amazing friends who helped me to find the spirit and cheer for this holiday season. A special, special thank you to M.A., D.L., D.M., T.B., J.D. and R.G. for always being there! Below is a little holiday dance I jib-jabbed up to show you just how happy you all have made me feel. I feel ALIVE and there is no other gift I could have ever asked from Santa this year than this. So again, thank you all - and HAPPY, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

I am Daniel and I am living pozitively. Thank you for following my blog! Remember you can continue to follow my story on twitter or friend me on facebook.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LIVE your life with fun!

Looking through my previous posts, I realized that much of what I am writing about is always on the serious side about living with HIV/AIDS. I admit I sometimes get so wrapped up in my advocacy efforts as well as being caught up, brooding about the random changes that might be happening with my body (such as when I see a bump or something. . . I freak out thinking my HIV is attacking me, when in actuality it is just a darn mosquito bite or a zit). I guess what I am trying to say is that while living with HIV (both the stigma and the disease itself) is very serious and requires daily management, I have to sometimes just forget about all the hate in the world some people still have towards people living with HIV/AIDS.  I have to just swallow my handful of pills in the morning. . . and simply LIVE. . . which in the last few weeks has been a blast! It's so important for me (and anyone for that matter living with and without HIV) to find ways to stay stress-free and be diligently conscious about maintaining a fun, healthy life-style.  I make it a mission to live an adventure each and everyday I wake up.

This past week I took to the streets of New York City (my concrete jungle of a home) and have accomplished so much. . . and I ask you. . . what have you accomplished over the past few weeks? What have you done to LIVE?

Some of you may recall a previous post back from October where I shared that I am on this workout kick - a personal goal to try and achieve that magazine ripped body look I have always wanted. Well, I am making some great progress. I am hitting the gym about 5 days a week doing a myriad of muscle group focused intense workouts, and now on the hunt for a wicked cardio routine that will shred my core. I tossed out all of my junk food (literally scowling all of my cabinets with anything and everything that is unhealthy- and I have switched to an almost completely organic diet - including all my meats, greens, fruits and ice cream!) I feel a million times better about what I am putting in my body and I am finding that I have a lot more energy to get through my day with focus. Hopefully my darn abs will start popping out soon!

Me, Mimi Stern-Wolfe & Rohan Spong
I also have spent time with friends! A healthy social life is uber-important! I have seen a few movies (including Hugo - which I thought sucked big-time!) However on World AIDS Day, I did see this one documentary, All the Way Through Evening, Directed by the very cool Ausee Rohan Spong, which takes us on a journey into Mimi Stern-Wolfe's life and the concerts she gives every year to remember and celebrate the works of composers who have passed on. The film genuinely captured the careful, sensitive humanitarian aspect of Mimi's dedication to embracing how important it is for all of us to take time to remember important history such as the work of these will-never-be-forgotten composers who bravely fought (and unfortunately lost) their battle to HIV/AIDS.

Stop! Listen, touch, look and taste! When on an adventure of living life do you ever take a moment to just enjoy the 'present' moment you are in? I almost forget to do this all the time. Especially here in NYC, when walking down the sidewalks buried in the hustle and bustle with my headphones on. I will walk several blocks, stop at a cross signal when directed and think to myself 'how the heck did I just get here. . .' realizing I probably passed some nifty things to check out. . . or action on the streets. So these past few weeks I have been really conscious about remaining in the 'now'. One of the cooler things I got to experience was the Lady Gaga thingy at Barney's. I took a picture of one of the window displays so anyone not living in NYC who wants a glimpse of Gaga's wild world that I admire - check out what I saw when I was staying 'in the moment'.

I have to admit, it's pretty cool exploring New York City (well exploring no matter where I am); and really taking in each breath of life. The feeling totally rocks. . . and after a day of true adventure of life, I sit down on my couch and think to myself 'damn it's great to be alive'; can't wait to do it again tomorrow.

Artwork by: Chris Morgan
When tomorrow does arrive (which it does every day for me) I am sure to put into motion action steps to continue to get one step closer to achieving all my goals. I am making some incredible headway into my book INSANE IN THE METH-BRAIN, and hope to have it finally up and ready for publishing early Spring. I am also working on the production 'ALIVE' (again check out that previous post where I talked about all this. . .). I am not sure when this will debut as I am trying to secure producers and investors; however in the interim I am creating a new smaller show "BEYOND BELIEF" which I hope to open here in NYC sometime this Spring or early Summer. The groovy art work you see here, is going to be the main backbone of the stage setting for a story of magic and escape to be told! Kudos to Chris Morgan for his brilliantly genius creativity in making this happen for me! (This piece is currently hanging on one of my walls just over my couch in the living room)! (Modest much - ha!)

So I am curious. . . with all that I shared with you about how I have been living life. . . moving ahead in life to do the things I love most. . . did you forget I was HIV positive? I did! The virus doesn't live me. . . I live me! So for anyone stumbling on my little blog. . . stop reading. . . yes! Right now! and Go LIVE the day away!

I am Daniel and I am living pozitively. Thank you for following my blog.

Oh, p.s. - want to stay in touch more with me about what's going on in my life, and also so I can follow your life events too? - friend me on facebook!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I am outraged and won’t remain silent on an issue that has my blood boiling to the point where I just tossed anything and everything Hershey into my trash can because I am afraid for the safety of my mental-health whereby these products, when ingested, may infect me with hate towards people living with HIV/AIDS.  And you know what sucks about this – all this time I have been eating Reeses Peanut Butter Cups – my favorite candy in the whole wide world - and who knew it was filled with artificial love and fake yumminess that slowly kills the soul with hate! UGH!!!!! It tasted toooooo good to be true – I knew it!

Here’s the gist of what I want to share with you. . . (please watch this very short video).

In an NBC Philadelphia news release (which was posted on World AIDS Day, nonetheless), there have been an overwhelming number of comments filled with hate supporting this school’s decision to not enroll this 13 year old boy because of his HIV status. You really should read the comments, as your jaw may hit the floor faster than my gut reached the core of the earth. . . I am stunned!!

One person (who appears to be from a law-firm and is a Yale graduate) suggested in a comment that there should be a separate and special school for kids with HIV/AIDS. Really dumb-ass? Is this what you learned at Yale? What decade are you living in? Pick up a book and get educated about HIV/AIDS. Your law-firm should fire you for even making such a blatantly uneducated comment such as that.

Several students who attend this school also left comments stating such things as "we horse around and some of us are having unprotected sex, we don’t want anyone with AIDS around us, he would just give it to everybody."  WTF????!!!!! Is this school teaching and promoting? I mean what kind of insanity is at the heart of this institution that alleges it fosters the growth and genuine care for all youth no matter their challenges in life . . . and promotes (according the comments left by these students) unsafe sex?

Another individual, who is actually living with HIV, made the following comment, “The school should SUE the local HIV agencies for NOT doing enough to stop HIV, the time has come to fight the accounting fraud and negligent behavior of the HIV agencies in America. HIV is NOT job security! I will NOT tolerate being a CASH COW, the gravy train MUST BE derailed!”  I have to disagree with this. It is up to each and every person in this world to stop HIV - the agencies as I see it are here to provide awareness and education and testing and support services. . . (they cannot nor can we expect these agencies to hold our hands when it comes to prevention. . .) it is up to the human race to stop HIV / AIDS and to end Stigma. Pointing fingers at agencies (while I must say some agencies are worthless and don't do a damn thing to bring enough awareness) won't solve a thing. We need to point the finger back onto ourselves and ask "Am I doing enough . . . to prevent and end HIV /AIDS and to end Stigma and hate that is driven by fear of others who simply are not educated on the facts vs. the myths?" Until every person in our world asks this question and puts into motion his / her own action steps. . . HIV / AIDS will always be here.

I will BAN HERSHEY PRODUCTS and I am asking all of my followers and friends, from this day forward, to simply do the same until such time Hershey man’s up and publicly apologizes and admits THEY ARE WRONG. Additionally, I am demanding that the Hershey school institute a program that educates their personnel, students and the communities they serve about the facts vs. the myths re: people living with HIV/AIDS in an effort to reverse the damage they have done.

I have signed a petition as my action step (in addition to throwing Hershey Hate into my trash can) in support of this kid's fight to educate the world that discrimination towards those living with HIV/AIDS will NOT BE TOLERATED. 

Let’s send a message loud and clear that we will NOT TOLERATE DISCRIMINATION, STIGMA and FEAR.

TAKE ACTION: Share this post and sign the petition. This boy needs our support and dammit let’s make sure he has it until we win this one fight in the war against HIV/AIDS discrimination.

To the boy and his family . . . you have me on your side! Stay strong . . . you will prevail! 

I am Daniel and I am living pozitively. Thank you for following my blog.