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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dear HIV,

Hi Everyone. In response to Justin B. Terry-Smith's "Write a Letter to HIV" campaign, I have uploaded a YouTube video.

I would like to encourage everyone who is living with HIV to find the courage to support this campaign. This letter was another healing step as I continue to grow and live with dignity.

(For those of you who want to read rather than listen, see the text letter below.)

Dear HIV,

After living together for more than a decade, I thought now would be a better time more than any to take the moment to check-in, become vulnerable and tell you what’s really on my mind.

There are more days than some that others think you are a weapon I carry in my pants. There are more days than some that others think because we ‘hang-out’ we should not be allowed to live with dignity. There are more days than some that people think I am less human because we have such a deep blond bond.  It’s on these days that I wish I could wave my magic wand to get you out of my life.

I won’t lie, living with you sucks. Taking all these medications; the frequent, unexpected marathons to pay homage to the porcelain god and the always necessary appointments to the doctors to make sure your fight to beat me up inside remains invisible has added more emotional worry to my mind and soul than I would have ever have liked to invite into my life.

I am not sure what you were thinking when you told me “I love you” so ever quietly in my ear. That whisper of romance while embraced in a bubbly stupor sounded so amazing and so real. Your passion was irresistible and blinded me to reject your invitation to bring you into my life. Accepting your invitation was the worst mistake I have ever made.

Now that I have no choice but to live with you, I want you to know that I have the choice to choose life with dignity even with you at my side. I want to remind you that I am HUMAN and that you, VIRUS won’t defy my IMMUNE SYSTEM any longer.

I have finally broken free of your dark magic spell which made me feel worthless for many years, tricking me into thinking I am going to die! Well no more dark magic will be conjured upon my soul. Today my dreams are filled with hope. I live today as if you never came into my life a decade ago. Go ahead and follow me everywhere I go, just know you won’t control me anymore. LIVING trumps you, HIV! LIVING DOESN’T SUCK ANYMORE!

With life,

I am Daniel, and I am living pozitively. Thank you for following my blog.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NAPWA's Healthy Living Summit 2012 Changed Lives! It was Beyond Belief!!

Duane Cramer, Robert Breining, Miss Plus America, Me, Jeromy Dunn

'Knock-Knock-Knock' . . . as I had just settled into my hotel room, I answer the door and there it began! Co-host Jeromy Dunn (Poz I Am Radio and my specially trained magical assistant), appeared at my door! "Give me a hug!!! OMG it is sooooooooo wonderful to finally meet you in person."

I knew at that moment, NAPWA's National Healthy Living Summit was going to be life changing for me and for many others!

Robert Breining & Me

I admit I was nervous as heck to deliver a magical spectacular for the conference attendees. Getting back on stage and talking is one thing, but to produce a creative piece incorporating my story while showcasing my talents of magic and escape is a whole other ball park! As I managed to make it out alive of a very painful escape, where that big muscle guy tied me up pretty darn good, my hands bleeding. . . my eyes fell into shock as the audience stood on their feet screaming and yelling. . . a standing ovation that moved my soul. . . my heart. . . my spirit which I thought would never come back to life. . .

Me & Kevin Maloney
That moment was one of many that made me realize how proud of myself I am for never letting go of my dreams. Proud that I, no matter the struggle, no matter the pain, held on to every fiber of life that today guides me to stand tall with dignity while inspiring others who are living with HIV/AIDS to do the same.

When Kevin Maloney, of Rise Up To HIV tweeted "AMAZING STORY of loss, survival and, triumph! AMAZING SHOW! - 5 THUMBS UP!!  I CRIED, I LAUGHED! Such an inspiration!"  I did all I could to hold back the emotions as best I could. I never felt so ALIVE!

Now some of you may (or may not) know, but I have had the luxury of working on some pretty impressive national conferences (in the background) during my professional career. With that said, it is without hesitation that I tell you, "NAPWA pulled off an extra-ordinary life changing experience." With a thought provoking day of Men's, Women's and Youth Institutes followed by a full day of workshops lead by a stellar line up of speakers, I was engaged with not only changing my life and how to take greater action in living well, but I was engaged with so many others who were seeking the same thing! So NAPWA, I give you a standing ovation for delivering a 5-star conference!! Word to the wise, if you missed this year's event, I suggest putting this event in your planning for next year!

Jeromy Dunn, Me, Robert Breining
Now, I could go on and on about this event, however I think it is best left to talk about it, so I am inviting all of you to join in this Thursday night to a special edition of Poz I Am Talk Radio, with Host Robert Breining and Co-Host Jeromy Dunn to reflect on the conference. I am encouraging all those who attended to please chime in, and please call in and share your experiences! Let's let NAPWA know how this conference changed our lives, and why this event must happen again next year!

Here are the details:

DATE: Thursday, April 19  TIME: 9 PM (EST)


Once again, I realize how important it is to live well, not just exist, but truly live well! NAPWA, thank you for making this possible!

I am Daniel and I am living pozitively! Thank you for following my blog!

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