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Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Yes we distribute condoms, but just not to you." (WTF?!?)

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend an informative panel discussion on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, presented by an evangelist congregation held at their house of worship in Brooklyn. I thought to myself, as I walked in, "How cool is it that this religious institution is offering this kind of information and taking a role in building awareness to their communities!" But boy oh boy did I not have a clue of what I was about to walk into.

On the panel were two incredible plwha (people living with HIV/AIDS); a heterosexual female and a heterosexual male (who was prenatally infected). Their messages were strong and dynamic! Also sitting on the panel was a holistic nutritionist, who was quite boring and didn't make much sense to me about diet and HIV (but that's a whole other blog post); an infectious disease doctor who ran  through current stats and information, and a guy who just pissed me off - the church's Minister /Pastor (not sure what the correct title is so excuse my ignorance hoping I don't offend anyone).

Before I get into my rant, I want to make clear that I respect all religions, all lifestyles and all beliefs. Everyone is entitled to his/her own path in life no matter one's faith or other spiritual beliefs (or maybe none at all).

Moving on, the communities that this church serves, from my first initial glance which was then confirmed by the panelists, are high-risk for HIV infection. So, as the panel discussion continued on the Minister made an announcement that their church will begin to distribute condoms. Now thinking to myself, "Wow, this is pretty cool to hear!" Then I simply gasped . . . STUNNED at what came out of this Minister's mouth next.

"We will be selective to whom we choose to give a condom. If you do not follow our congregation's beliefs or meet our religious criteria we may choose not to give you a condom if you ask us for one."


Can someone please help me to understand why this community serving institution would make this kind of policy. Let's say an adolescent, or young adult or even senior walked in off the street, wanting to protect his/her own life knowing this church has condoms, but then is turned away. . . because he/she does not meet the religious criteria for the condom distribution program. Am I missing something here??!!??

I am at a loss for words. . . please share your thoughts on this. .  what is your take on this Minister / Church's condom distribution program?

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  1. Just another example of ridiculous interpretation of religion. Duh! If you believe in Jesus's teaching, it is all encompassing to love everyone. Not everyone who reads a book comes away with the true meaning of the author. And yet they preach mis-information,prejudice and hate! Welcome to the Church!

  2. I am sorry about your experience. But not surprized anytime any set or form of government does anything like this they can make policy and believe me a church is a government.but anytime you get help through those channels you have to follow thier guidelines its an unfortunate truth this is why we need to continue to be on the forefront and getting outside sources non governmental and non church funds because they can dictate to us how to distribute and where and who and why and what this is why still need the people making it out there to do this.


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