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Friday, September 2, 2011

"Oh, I almost forgot I had one. . ."

According to the Urban Dictionary a SHADOW refers to an individual following you.

Used in a sentence, “Ay, don't turn around but we gotta SHADOW.”

I was walking along the South Beach boardwalk (Staten Island, NY) this morning, the sun bright as can be, and every time I turned around there was my shadow. I always thought that when people refer to “a shadow” it was a negative connotation. (Kind of like the stigma of living with HIV / AIDS which seems to follow [haunt] me most everywhere I go.) 

So today, rather than the “society tagged” shadow following me, I followed my shadow and thought to myself . . . see video.

If you were to follow your shadow, what would you be thinking - would you even notice your shadow? Today is the first time I even remembered I had one! :)

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