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Monday, September 19, 2011

Dialed into D-A-D. . . Honest or Lie?

Curiosity about what the protocol is, when dialed into the "Digital Age of Dating" (D-A-D), and a profile question asks to list your  "status" (when you know you are poz or don't know)  do you select (1) Positive (2) Don't Know (3) Negative (4) Leave Blank? I have friends who are poz, who select "negative" because of fear they will never meet anyone. Is this being honest. . .  shouldn't you leave the question blank so you are not misleading. . .? Should you be honest, or do you lie in fear of being "labelled" as not-dateable before a conversation even starts. . .

Please comment. . . if you have time.

I am Daniel and I am Living Pozitively.


  1. i think that if someone is gonna choose one of those should be an honest one...if someone's positive...choose it...or leave it blank and on a date by date situation tell the guy in person your status. But definitely don't lie and select "negative" if in fact health wise you're positive....i feel that's being dishonest with not only the person you're dating but yourself as well.....just sayin'

  2. I have found that when I select HIV+ that the responses are less than other sites with the same profile pic and message displayed.
    Recently after re-judging myself they all have either been updated, or I deleted my profile from the site(s). After my examining my thought process I wanted to make sure that I was upfront and let the other guy know so that if he has an issue with my status that he can move on and his time is not wasted.
    Sometimes I want to update some of the profiles to NEGATIVE just to see if it would get more responses because I don't classify myself as truly handsome, but I don't think I'm butt ugly either. Which would only feed my curiosity that it was the stigma of me selecting the HIV+ status in my profile on the site and that detoured the guy(s) away. But deep down I would prefer them to just not like my profile message or pic(s) of me posted. Sometimes, we just need a friend, not sexual.


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