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Monday, August 6, 2012

Sex is fun. . . Infection is not: Why I stand 100% with

The biggest mistake I made in my life (well I should say one of the biggest. . .) is that I auto-assumed my partner back in the day was negative when he told me in a drunken stupor romantic whisper he was.  . . accompanied by "I LOVE YOU. In fact I auto assumed I was negative too! Neither of us tested. . . both of us engaged in sex without protection.

Reality is if we had been tested, we both (or at least I) could have made a smarter decision about how we chose to have sex. I could have prevented becoming infected with HIV.

Every three months I get my blood tested to make sure I am doing what is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle; to ensure that the antiretroviral medication prescribed is still working and to ensure that my diet is on target. While sometimes it is a lot to manage. . . knowing is key! Oh! And yes, I still have sex. . . and still get tested regularly for STD's and the such. . . and if you are having sex. . . you should just get tested too!

Now, with all this said, while I am on a firm mission to do my part to reduce HIV/AIDS stigma by living my life; reclaiming my dream and passion in life as Houdini's successor; I have found it also equally as important in my message to encourage and educate as many people as possible about the importance of just getting tested.

SEX IS FUN!!!! INFECTION IS NOT!!!! This is why I am officially announcing that I have teamed up with - as their new face for HIV Testing!

Now I want to make it clear - JustGetTested is more than just about HIV and STD testing. Those of you living with diabetes and those of you who need easy access to getting simple / complete overall health blood tests done. . . then is for you.

So without further due. . . please help me welcome the one company I stand 100% behind when it comes to getting tested. . .!! <applause>

JustGetTested was created to provide a way to get fast, reliable, confidential and affordable HIV and STD testing.

The philosophy behind JustGetTested is that more and more today, each of us needs to take our health into our own hands - to be aware of what's going on with our bodies and actively involved in making healthcare decisions.

"The healthcare system today isn't working for patients, but it's not working for doctors either," says JustGetTested Medical Director Edward Salko, DO. "By giving individuals direct access to important information, we're giving everyone a huge advantage. Empowering the individual is an important step in building trust within the healthcare world."

One of the goals of JustGetTested is to reach out to individuals who don't have access to affordable STD testing, feel excluded by the system, or for whatever reason are uncomfortable going to a doctor or clinic.

Treating each individual with respect and compassion, we want to remove the stigma from STD testing.  We can provide a way for those without medical insurance - as well as members of the LGBTQ community and anyone who practices a high-risk lifestyle (including performers in the adult film industry, sex workers and IV drug users) - to have some control over their healthcare decisions. We keep our overhead low and our costs competitive so that we can be sensitive to the needs of all our customers, including those with chronic conditions who need regular testing and monitoring. is a safe place to find out what you need to know when it comes to HIV and STDs.  Just order online, pay the lowest prices possible, then make a quick trip to a lab to have your blood drawn. You'll get your private results online. 

It's one simple way to take charge of your own healthcare.

Just Get Tested.  Because Sex is Fun… Infection Isn't.

I am Daniel and I am living pozitively!! Thank you for following my blog!


  1. Love the way you're putting it out there, front and center and POSITIVELY!

  2. You are magical, my friend....thanks for all you do for the community.


  3. Great blog!Keep up the good work!


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