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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just Get Tested: June 27 is National HIV Testing Awareness Day

Ladies and Gentlemen. . .  it's that time of the month to JUST GET TESTED!! June 27, 2012 is National HIV Testing Awareness Day. There are a lot of people who might (in fact I know are. . .) afraid to ask their doctor to run STD Tests. . . so I have teamed up with to help you access a 100% confidential and affordable way to Get Tested.

The goal of Just Get Tested is to provide an affordable confidential way to order blood tests without having to visit a doctor’s office. With their easy-to-use system, you simply create an account, order whatever blood test you want, find the closest LabCorp location on their location page, have blood drawn, then log back into their secure password protected server to obtain your test results. Your results are yours to keep or share with your sexual partners, healthcare providers or anyone you want. It’s your information. No one else has access to your results unless you choose to share. 

I wanted to magically make it even more affordable for anyone who might be interested in online testing. . . so if you do order your tests online with JustGetTested, be sure to use the promotional code: HOUDINI for an additional 5% off!

If you are having sex. . . you are at risk. . . so please get tested! Know your status!


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