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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Duchess & a Ryan: Two generations of what life has become because they tried!

My friend Marty & Me
At my age of 38 and the start of Twenty-Twelve, rather than make a resolution (cause god only knows we keep them for like 2 months and then they vanish either cause we feel like we can’t achieve them and stop trying or ‘9-to-5’ life get’s in the way), I have decided to refocus all my energies on how I will make the best of my life given I am alive for a Century. (Which, I will fight to stay alive that long if I can help it! My HIV will not take me or my legacy down!!)

I hear all the time complaining, complaining, complaining by so many. “Oh woe’s me; I wish I had a better life. . . I wish I was doing something that made me happy . . . I wish my life didn’t turn out like this. . .” Well I have to say in response, “You want your life to be happy, then get off your ass and at least try with all your might to make it happy. “ 

I admit living a fulfilled life and going after your dreams is a lot of hard work . . . but damn create a legacy . . . your legacy! Fight for your life and don’t wait another minute to start because before you know it another year will go by in the blink of an eye - and I hate when that happens!

I was re-inspired this past New Year’s Eve by two distinct people who have proved to me happiness will come if we at least try. A Duchess and a Ryan is how I refer to them and they both are of distinct generations and both are truly amazing people who in my eye are the quintessence of “living” life to the fullest.

Duchess of Carnegie Hall & Me
I had the absolute honor, (special thanks to my very close friend Marty for making this happen), to meet and spend New Year’s Eve with Editta Sherman – The Duchess of Carnegie Hall. With my jaw dropped to the floor by just being in her presence, I was floored by her legacy that she made happen. She is one of the most respected and star-powered photographers of the Century! That’s right Century!! She is 98 years old!!!!! 

This woman fought to make her mark in life and she is still kicking strong. 

Look at how happy she is in this video below. Listen to all that she has accomplished . . . listen to how hard it was for her to make her life happy, especially after her husband passed.  Listen to how she fought, and fought and fought to live life. . . and she's still on a mission! It's insanely inspiring!!!!

I want and will fight for my own happiness – she has inspired me to do so! Her laugh, her simplicity, her passion to fight for what she wanted to accomplish and still wants to accomplish thrives deeply in my soul and fuels me.

Now, looking at this generation, I say to myself, who would I dare to compare to have the same soul, energy and passion for life that the Duchess possesses. Who in our young life time would serve as a role model to our next generations . . . who is the person we should follow . . . who is really trying and truly living life? 

To me, that person is a man by the name of Chris Ryan who I believe possesses every ounce of humility, passion and drive to etch his legacy in life unlike anyone I have ever met (well other than the Duchess and myself of course – ha!).  Talk about “trying” this guy is a genuine role model of what life could become just by trying and trying and trying!

Chris Ryan
I mean listen to this, Chris Ryan already has his legacy in motion set at his young age. He is an icon New York City promoter who defies the odds of creating events where life thrives and bounces all night long with limitless sizzle. You should experience the art of Chris Ryan whether you live here in New York City or plan to visit! And if reigning in as a heavy-weight in the “art-of-night-life” wasn’t enough, he has opened up his life to the world through his blog which gets me to think about how I live and think how I might live better. Now if that all still wasn’t enough this man still hits the pavement of life as hard as anyone I know. He has created an arena to shine the spotlight on worthy musical artists (Audio Fuzz) who have yet to be discovered (or we may never think to listen to).  His Audio Fuzz is really making a mark . . . so while he is not a Duchess – he is well on his way. . . (not to mention almost a Phd in Psychology, a poet and overall humble human who fights for his life. . . and the decency of others).

All of this because he tries! What a wickedly impressive role model.

So yeah, maybe after reading this some of you are silently saying to yourself, “who the ‘fuck’ cares!” Well honestly, I feel like many of us have gotten stuck in that mind set. I have certainly been there many times myself.  I sometimes forget that if I want life to happen, if I want to make a difference, if I want to make something of myself and share it with the world then I need to remember it is going to take a lot more than the wave of a magic wand – I have to get off my ass and work it hard to make it all happen. There is no excuse for not making your life happen except: “I didn't try!” or "I have HIV so I am gonna die anyway!!" Well with all due respect these excuses are old, tired and lame.

While I have only met the Duchess once and have only met Chris Ryan once, I am uber inspired to continue to stay off my ass and kick up the drive of life to “full speed ahead”. So I guess what I am saying is, learn from the Duchess – learn from Chris Ryan. . . and be inspired. . . go after your legacy. I am certainly going after mine!

So I raise my champagne glass of life to you – Duchess and Chris Ryan - for showing us what life is like if we do try really hard! Life can be full and happy, our legacy can be etched . . . *clink*.

I know the Duchess will make it (and likely surpass 100 years old). And, Imagine where Chris Ryan will be when he is 98. Damn, imagine where I (or even you) could be at 98. The dream of making a Century of life – the blood, sweat, tears and smiles - it's a lot of work but I am ready to conquer! Okay. . . enough key punching, I am off to make this year another accomplished one. I am 38 and my goal is to LIVE 62 more years! That’s a lot of living to do and I am freaking psyched! Are you psyched about your life? If not. . . get off your ass and get psyched. Make life happen! Try! 

I am Daniel and I am living pozitively. Thank you for following my blog.

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  2. I've been lucky enough to count Chris Ryan among my friends for years now, and he deserves every bit of praise you give him. What a wonderful person.


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