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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


When did Gay Men become the vampires of America? Apparently 'gay men' are so venomous that even their blood is banned from blood drives regulated by the FDA and conducted by the American Red Cross.

A couple days ago, on my facebook page, a friend alerted me to a post created by a student at The College of Saint Rose (Albany, NY), who identifies himself as gay and was excited about being a blood donor at a recently conducted blood drive on his college campus. However, he was denied the opportunity to do some good, to an already blood shortage problem in our society, because he is gay.

Taken from CDC.GOV

According the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the FDA, there are many ways HIV can be transmitted; and that it is not just 'gay men' who are at risk. So why would a healthy gay man, such as a college student be turned away at the door to donate blood as opposed to a heterosexual female, male, etc.?  Is the CDC / FDA sending the message that if a person identifies as a gay man, society should auto-assume he likely has HIV / AIDS, therefore he can't give blood?

Thank you CDC / FDA for keeping your heads up your asses, continuing to maintain the 'idea' that HIV / AIDS is still the Gay Cancer of our society.



The above clearly shows and proves that there are RISKS IN EVERY TYPE OF HUMAN LIFE. So again, I ask, "Why is the FDA solely targeting the gay community?"

2010 USA HIV / AIDS Progress Report
Moving along. . . as if the above is not enough to convince the FDA to change it's outdated, bogus stigma-based policy, I digged a little deeper to find the 2010 HIV/AIDS United States Progress Report submitted to the UN AIDS commission / advisory board. 

Apparently there is very little data available on any statistics in the US! 

Testing Steps according to FDA / American Red Cross
Moving forward again, with more facts . . . according to the FDA and American Red Cross, each pint(s) of blood donated are thoroughly tested for HIV / AIDS, as well as a number of other blood related complications. According the FDA and American Red Cross, 100%  of the blood donated at blood drives are tested with more than a dozen tests to ensure the blood is safe.

The FDA has made it clear. . . their message is divine in hate! Blood is needed but the "gays are no good!

I feel sad for this student who was turned away! I am not sure what to tell you, or how to even approach this fight - but this is why I do this blog. . .  

Here is my message to the FDA, CDC, American Red Cross, The White House and anyone else who is part of this blood regulation policy decision making. 

"YOU are tossing away good blood by placing a major stigma on gay men! What is this solving?  You are adding to already escalating 'gay' bullying issues as well as making it your mission to ensure that the HIV / AIDS blame game stays focused on the gays. Your own facts above state HIV / AIDS is a non discriminatory disease, so why be a hypocrite and discriminate against gay men? Let the college student give blood. . . he wants to save a life! He is just as human as the next!"

Does anyone have any suggestions? No one should be turned away if they are healthy! NO ONE!

I am Daniel, and I am living pozitively. Thank you for following my blog.


  1. First I would like say that it doesn't shock me that the government would feel that way the don't ask don't tell has always been there. It is sad that they are the least educated of the bunch because of who they are and what they do but not a big shock. Second I would go to the civil liberties and talk to them they are right there in Albany and they are a great bunch of people. His rights were violated and if he wanted to donate blood he should have been able to. It is a starting point, they are great when it comes to rights being violated. I hope that he fights them on this and so does ever gay and lesbian for that matter it is so sad that people are so ignorant.

  2. Daniel, great article,great research.the previous comment is correct! Go with the violation of his civil liberties....

  3. Daniel,

    Your blog is about the stigma of living with HIV/AIDS, but this adds a whole 'nother layer...the stigma of being gay. And they go hand in hand. If you're HIV positive, people assume you are gay as well, and if you identify as gay, people assume you probably have HIV. This policy re-enforces that bias. This policy also discriminates against straight women who sleep with men who sleep with men. It's outrageous that their policy is based on old data, and they only seem to have data on Gay men. WTF?!? And what about men who identify as straight but have sex with men on the side... there are alot of those around, as most gay men can attest.

    I had no idea this policy existed until now and I really am appalled. I would like to hear what others have to say on this issue. Thanks for bringing it into the spotlight. Keep up the great work you are doing here.



  4. Unfortunately, it's not just gay men who are singled out. As I mentioned to you when this came up the other day. Anyone who has had sex with someone who has had a homosexual relationship cannot give blood.

    That's a FAR larger population they're excluding than just gays... Whilst, yes, gays are being 'singled-out' it's them AND those close to them who are all "being excluded".

    The fact of the matter is that while that question is still on the blood donation form, there is a VAST portion of the public that cannot be honest and donate at the same time. I've been told to lie, so I can donate.... I will not lie.

    They need to change the question, and stop their stigmas and bias!

  5. I do lie. I am a negative bisexual woman and I have had relationships with bisexual men.

    I am not comfortable lying. I am a very honest person. (If I'm asked a question and I don't want the answer known - I simply don't answer.) But the need for blood is so enormous, and I have a rare blood type.

    For me, the good deed of getting my blood to people in need. Is too important not to lie. For me, telling the truth and not giving blood - Is the same as killing someone.


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